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Ruth Obel-Jorgensen: Veganism = Terrorism

Ruth Obel-Jorgensen was about to graduate from California State University-Fresno when she became embroiled in a battle between students and administrators at the institution. An event she organized, involving an expert on veganism, attracted undercover officers from the university police department and the local sheriff's office. That sparked a student campaign to end surveillance of their activities and ensure free speech on campus.

My Story

Life on Campus. I was very involved with an organization called Campus Peace ... (0:38)
Veganism = Terrorism. One week we were bringing Gary Rossi who was coming to speak ... (0:44)
Surveillance and Academic Freedom. We kind of did this five-week campaign. And through this campaign ... (1:06)
What Lies Ahead? In terms of career I mean you can Google my name and I know ... (0:36)


Freedom of Speech at the University. Universities are usually known as bastions of free speech and open discussion. Charles Muscatine, Ruth Obel-Jorgensen and Konstanty Hordynski certainly believed this to be true until they found themselves the subjects of unlawful monitoring and restrictive policies.