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Vincent Hallinan: The Fighting Hallinans

Conn Hallinan, a retired journalist and anthropologist, is the fifth child of renowned San Francisco attorney Vincent Hallinan and activist and author Vivian Hallinan. Vincent Hallinan's battles with the government were legendary. A staunch supporter of labor and the left, he represented numerous controversial political figures, including union organizer Harry Bridges. Vincent Hallinan ran for president in 1952 as a Progressive Party candidate. The U.S. government harassed and intimidated Vincent and Vivian Hallinan throughout their careers. Vincent Hallinan was jailed twice and disbarred. Conn was shunned by his peers and branded a "commie." Though proud of his father, Conn and his siblings suffered because of their parents' fight for justice and civil liberties. He talks about his father and his family's experience during the McCarthy era.

My Story

Bridges Trial. What put him on the radar was the Bridges trial ... (1:00)
TV Repairman. This was when my father was in prison ... (1:25)
Isolation. It wasn't that you heard a click on the telephone ... (0:55)


Facing the Government. Realizing that the surveillance and targeting they had experienced was an infringement on their rights under the Constitution, Fred Korematsu, Vincent Hallinan, Abdeen Jabara, John Fife and George Christian challenged the United States Government. In doing so they incurred the government's wrath and power to intimidate.