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George Christian: Gagged by a National Security Letter

As the executive director of Library Connection, Inc., John Doe (aka George Christian) works to make information accessible and champions the open discussion of issues and ideas, believing those to be constitutionally protected freedoms. His beliefs are being tested. Recently he received a national security letter (NSL) seeking sensitive information about a library patron. He's challenging the constitutionality of the NSL, which includes a gag order preventing him from telling anyone about the letter or his legal battle.

My Story

Invasion of Privacy. I think there are two ways of looking at the privacy issue ... (1:13)
National Security Letter (NSL). The first instance was last July ... (0:51)
Responding to the NSL. We all want to be good citizens and part of me did want to respond ... (0:54)
The Gag Order and the Patriot Act. The gag order was a total gag order. So we didn't tell anyone anything ... (0:53)


Facing the Government. Realizing that the surveillance and targeting they had experienced was an infringement on their rights under the Constitution, Fred Korematsu, Vincent Hallinan, Abdeen Jabara, John Fife and George Christian challenged the United States Government. In doing so they incurred the government's wrath and power to intimidate.