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Bridget Colvin: Peace Center on International Terrorism Watch?

Bridget Colvin first exercised her free-speech rights by doing anti-war and counter-recruiting work with the Pittsburgh Organizing Group. That was also her first experience as a target of government surveillance. At an anti-war protest organized by the Thomas Merton Center, Colvin noticed authorities conducting brazen surveillance. She didn't find out the full extent of it until the Merton Center obtained its dossier from the FBI through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

My Story

The Watchers. I suppose you can never really be 100% sure ... (1:05)
Spies Amongst Us. As long as people have been organizing here ... (0:47)
Prayer Vigil & Terrorism. The Merton Center filed two different FOIA requests ... (0:56)


Anti-war. Protesting against any of the foreign policies of a U.S. administration, especially a President's decision to go to war, has often been viewed as a threat by that administration. The experiences of Will Bergfeld, Gren Whitman, Peggy Hutchison, Bridget Colvin, George Main and Eric Shaw connect and contrast this situation across time.