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Peter Ackerman: The Undercover Policeman

Peter Ackerman, a Quaker, has been peacefully protesting since the Vietnam War. He accepted government surveillance as a necessary evil. Not anymore. After observing the Bush administration's post-9/11 surveillance program, Ackerman is convinced that his constitutional rights are in jeopardy.

My Story

My Police Shadow. In 2005 the coalition met with Homeland Security ... (1:25)
Intimidating the Protestors. It's hard to monitor the effect of surveillance on the members of our group ... (1:22)
Becoming the Enemy. One thing I have noticed in terms of the police ... (1:17)


Stifling Dissent. In times of crisis, one argument is that surveillance is warranted for national security. Another is that unchecked surveillance will be used to stifle dissent. Eric Hallengren, Julian Bond, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Edith Bell, Peter Ackerman and Leslie Salgado describe how the lines get blurred between stifling dissent and protecting the nation.